Cast of Characters

(this area is still under construction... i never knew it could be so hard to write about my friends!!)

The Prince brought it to my attenion the other day that, while I know all of the Little Miss and Mr.'s in my life, it may be confusing for my readers.  (And yes, the Prince is that lovely of a brother that he does read my blog on a daily basis!). 

So here's your cheat sheet for the ladies and gents in my life!  And so, in English Major style and alphabetical order:

(Little Mrs.) Crafty Momma - One of my oldest and dearest friends, Little Mrs. Crafty Momma is coincidentally one of my blogging friends, too! Crafty Momma is an expert at all things artsy or graphic designy as well as all things mom-ing and do-it-yourself.  Crafty Momma is also one of my "Now and Then" Friends!

(Little Miss) Dependable - My Sister - the middle sister.  While I am tall she is short.  While I have straight hair she has crazy curls.  I love to read.  She would rather chew her arm off then read a book (unless it's Harry.  Or Twilight).  However, we have that bond that sisters have where even if we don't agree on a single thing we just get each other. 

(Little Miss) Dirty Martini - The Life Partner.  We were randomly placed on the same dormitory our freshman year of college and we've (basically) been friends and roommates ever since.  We're also travel partners, traveling thousands (not kidding) of miles in the car together for weddings, vacations, engagement parties, and bridal showers.  Soon, we're going to launch ourselves out of a plane in honor of our 25th. 

(Little Miss) Expatriate - One of the most intelligent, hard-working women I've ever met.  Expatriate and I, even though we've known one another since our sophomore year of college, truly became close during our senior year and especially close after graduation.  Even though we haven't lived in the same state since 2007 we've mainted a great relationship through gchat.  And even a whirlwind 48 hour visit to the UK. 

(Little Miss) Graceful - The baby sister.  The little one who helps us all not to take ourselves too seriously. 

(Little Miss) Kappa - My favorite Kappa

Mama Can't Be Wrong - The Big Boss Lady. 

(Little Miss) Midwest - My favorite co-worker. 

(Little Miss) NYC

Office Counterpart

Papa Can't Be Wrong

(Little Mrs.) Puppy Love

(Little Mrs.) Patience

(Little Miss) P.C.

(Little Miss) Philosopher

The Prince

Mr. Right Now

(Little Miss) Saves.the.World

The Sequel

(Little Miss) Summertime
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