Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby Shower Game (#Fail)

This past Saturday a few of the Littles Misses (and Mrs.'es) got together to celebrate the baby shower of Little Mrs. Puppy Love.

The four of us girls have known each other since kindergarten.  We attended elementary school together and were inseparable starting in fifth grade.  We attended different high schools, different colleges.  We have grown apart and come together again - over and over.  We have laughed.  And screamed.  And held each other's hair back.  We have sent nasty emails and cried at each other.  We have sent the most ridiculous emails and have laughed at each other.  We speak every day.  We stopped speaking for months.  We have misunderstood each other.  We have been the only ones to understand each other. 

These are friendships I wouldn't trade for anything.  I forget how lucky I am to have these three such different, amazing, wonderful, challenging, beautiful, sisterly women in my life.

When Little Mrs. Throwing Paint put me in charge of the baby shower games I tossed a few ideas around - and strictly avoided that melted chocolate in the diaper game.  If you are unfamiliar let me break it down for you: you take some diapers and melt different candy bars in each one (which, of course, looks like dirty diapers).  You pass around the chocolate filled diapers and everyone has to guess what type of candy is in each. I think the game is gross - I really do. 

But... Little Mrs. Throwing Paint reminded me just how much Little Mrs. Puppy Love adores that game. And seriously, who are we to argue with the pregnant lady? Melted candy bar baby poops for everyone!

The day of the shower I got to work numbering the diapers and putting a piece of chocolate in each one.  I put Diaper #1, with Reese's cups in it in the microwave, then set the timer for 30 seconds, and went on to fill the next diaper. 

I heard a popping noise and turned around.  The diaper was IN FLAMES in the microwave.  In a panic I reached in and grabbed it out - forgetting, of course, that it was on FIRE.  The kitchen filled with smoke and I was the Idiot Girl holding the smouldering diaper.  

Go figure.

Thankfully, we had extra diapers and PLENTY of extra chocolates - so the game went on.  Am I the only one who had NO idea that diapers + microwave oven = flammable?? This is what happens when you put an Idiot Girl in charge of Baby Shower Games!

We remedied the situation by melting the chocolate bars on napkins, then smooshing the melted chocolate into the diapers.  It was an easy fix - and nothing else lit on fire - so we were happy!

If you're looking for a hilarious game that will make people both squeamish and giggly then this is your game!  Little Mrs. Puppy Love just loves it - for that reason!

Here is my take on the Dirty Diaper Baby Game...

You'll need:
  • Diapers
  • Chocolate Candies - We used Reese's, Rollos, Coconut Almond Joy, Jr. Mints, and Snickers
  • Microwave safe plate
  • Napkins
  • Sharpie Marker
** You will need equal number of diapers and candy bars.  

1.  Number each of the diapers (both inside and out) using your marker.  This way, your guests will know which diapers they have already guessed and which one they will need to guess. 
2. Create an answer key - write down which type of chocolate you will put in each number of diaper. 
3. Melt the chocolates on a napkin on the microwave safe plate, then smoosh the melted chocolates into the diaper.  DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES put the diaper in the microwave.  That step is KEY.
4.  Repeat step three for as many chocolates/diapers you have.
5.  Pass around the diapers of chocolate. Encourage guests to sniff AND taste to get an idea of what type of candy is in each diaper.  

5 little misses say...:

Lexilooo said...

I've played this game at a shower, but instead of various chocolates, it was foods! Diapers included tuna fish, sardines, peanut butter and jelly, and other terrible things!

CT Cupcake said...

ha, I probably would've tried to microwave the concoction too!

The City Boy said...

this is hilarious. I never heard of this game though. The microwave would have been the obvious choice to me as well

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I can't stand this game either. To be honest, I can't stand most baby shower games. True story.

I laughed so hard at this though because I would totally be the girl who would stick a diaper in the microwave and set it on fire!

My Mississippi Madness said...

HAHA. I hate shower games. I hosted one last year, and one of the hosts INSISTED that we play the jar food game (decide what baby food it is). It's equally disgusting.

I'm glad you survived. I too have a group of friends like this. It's rare and wonderful

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