Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Last night my husband (still weird) and I wanted to watch the season premier of MTV's: The Challenge, Battle of the Exes 2.  We made dinner, I went for a run.  There were snacks.  We were ready to go.  

I (wrongly) assumed that the show would be on around 9 o'clock... maybe 10 at the absolute latest.  It was a Tuesday, for crying out loud, how late could MTV possibly expect me to stay up?  

Well.  I was very, very wrong.  MTV expected me to stay up obscenely late.  The show premiered at 11 o'clock last evening.  It is an hour long show, which means it would be done at midnight.  

"What in the actual hell?" I thought to myself when my husband (still weird, again) came to tell me the showtime.  

My love for CT and Diem and my head-over-heels marry-me-now crush on Chris "CT" Tamburello could not persuade me to stay up past my bedtime... pathetic.

And that is when I realized I am an absolute Oldhead.  

Monday, January 5, 2015

Strawberry Margaritas and Skinny Dipping

I was SO excited when I stumbled across some #BehindTheCurtain photos from the kate spade new york Instagram feed a few months ago.


There are many reasons why this photo is amazing but most notably... 

I love me a good summer inflatable.  Last year's obsession was a pineapple shaped cooler that alternately held summery drinks and our puppy.  Yes he loved it.  Yes,  it was everything you are imagining, and more.  Sidebar: 

the Wonder Dog, Summer 2014

I digress.  This swan photo made me want all things summer, inflatable, and retro swimstyle.  

A few months go by and I forget all about it until... I received an email today about Cannonballing or Swan Diving... or something.  I almost deleted it, as it was 27 degress in Philadelphia today and my first day back to work since December 19 and I do not have TIME for that kind of distraction, please and thank you.  However.  Something about Swan Diving reminded me of that gorgeous inflatable swan.

Mission accomplished and everyone wins on both accounts, technically speaking.

a.) You can find your very own and very fabulous swan inflatable via AmazonPrime.  $36.51 and worth every penny (literally almost, because of that fifty ONE cent).  You're welcome.  It's everything you never knew you wanted, delivered to your doorstep in two days if you've got AmazonPrime... or if you don't, but you borrow your sister's boyfriend's subcription (like me). Click here.

b.) Lo and behold.... even the email preview was everything I could have wanted....

Pink and bows and the beach?  Yes.  Apparently, I did have time of distraction, please and thank you.  Fingers crossed that whatever nonsense work firewall has up today won't block my shopping annnnd... We were in.  

Just like that, however, we were out again.  It is beautiful, of course, and everything I could have wanted.  Retro, bows, even a sassy one piece.  However, they have got to be out of their minds to think I will be spending $150 on a swim suit I will wear twice a summer.  And then it will dry rot in my summer storage bin before I can wear it again.  

I didn't know how I would not obsessively think about how beautiful the swimwear is and continue to dream of it... until I remembered we are in Philadelphia.  In January.  Where it will be snowing, tomorrow.  No need for swimsuits for quite some time... just dreams of Strawberry Margaritas and skinny dipping down the shore... where you really don't need a swimsuit, anyway! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Logging In

I have been toying with coming back to this... with deleting this forever... with coming back again for quite some time.  I received an email a few days ago from a girl I went to high school with, inquiring whether or not I planned to pick it up again.

I know why I fell away.  Being real and honest was difficult.  And then, when it wasn't, my head was falling off with wedding planning.  I didn't want to become "that blogger," that I despised... the one whose entire blog went from being thoughtful commentary, funny stories, self deprecating humor, and fun bouts of consumerism to all out I AM PLANNING A WEDDING AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.  

The thing of it is, though, when you are planning a wedding (and your subsequent life together) truly nothing else matters.  I felt so much pressure all the time - as all brides do, I think.  At the end of the day my thought was always, "Are Sequel and I still getting married? Great.  Fuck everything else."  While the wedding stuff crept into every aspect of my life, I knew didn't want that to become my blog life, too, and slowly drifted until wedding died down.  Except for those g.d. thank you notes.    

That perspective was immature, I think.  I felt that it was unfair of me to change my writing corner, my blog, so drastically, when long time readers were (probably) not looking for the wedding crazy, but rather, the girl who was still finding herself.  Now I look back and think... who was it really unfair to?  Now I would love to have that daily/weekly look into my wedding planning self.  I am sure that, in retrospect, it would be hilarious.  

What I have to remember is that  I am still finding myself.  Except now instead of doing it with my girlfriends as we meet new people and navigate the office and the dating world and all of that nonsense... I'm doing that exact same thing, minus the dating, with my girlfriends and my forever and ever guy, the Sequel.  And speaking of the Sequel, I have come to hate the nicknames and the pseudonyms that I once found so hilarious. 

|| insert twenty minute time gap in which I revealed names, saved the draft, came back to it, deleted the draft, cursed the backspace key, retyped something that wasn't as funny... etc. ||

I think I'm going to keep them, for now.  We'll see.  

Logging in this evening was fun... it was something I haven't done in so long.  It made me think and use my brain in ways I haven't in so long.  It also made me miss people who used to write so prolifically, but now are either Talking Blog Heads who are sponsorship crazy and have lost themselves... or people who just fell off of it and whose blogs haven't been updated since 2012.  

Kind of like me, until I got that email.  

In the meantime, I'm off to thank you notes and brainstorming.  And thank you notes.  Until I die.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014



Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes (and a little bit of coffee)

Tomorrow I start a new chapter in my professional career.  After much thought, reflection, and frustration I decided a few months ago that it was time to throw my proverbial "hat" in the ring for a few interviews.  I was successful in my "fight," (if I'm going to continue with that analogy... and it seems like I am) and soon found a position with a new organization that is sure to be a great fit.  

The last seven years have been spent working with men and women who have become like family to me. 

You know the type, the people you love to love and love to hate and hate to love and hate to hate.  You love them and you hate them at the same time.  This image is just perfect. 

I keep saying to myself, "It has been seven years.  SEVEN."  And I think back on all the things I have shared with the men and women I have worked with.  Things that aren't just work - because there have been so many successes (and downright failures) along the way.  But the kind of things that come with working closely with people who become your crazy family.... like too many martinis on a Tuesday night and too few glasses of water before bed. 

There is a familiarity that I am leaving behind.  The familiarity that comes with time.  The familiarity that helps you to know when it is time for you to get the heck out of there.  I know it was time for me to leave.  I wasn't growing anymore, in a professional sense.  I felt used, crushed, overlooked - things that shouldn't ever be associated with one's work on a regular basis.  

I am terrified to leave it.  So terrified.  And yet, at the same time I am so excited.  I am excited to begin again.  To meet new people and share new experiences.  This time maybe it won't be seven years.  Maybe (hopefully!) I'll be retired in a bit and living the life of leisure with the other ladies who lunch.  And maybe (hopefully!) I will be smart enough to manage my martinis and drink more water.  

Speaking of drinking more water (and of course, too many martinis).  One day just keeps running through my head.  I had gone down the shore one night, got a bit too drunk, and was just completely a mess the next day.  I woke up at 8:30... when I was supposed to be at my desk at 8.  I was about two hours away from work... not including the time it would take me to get situated.  

I called my girlfriend at work, asked her to fill up a cup of coffee, put it next to my phone and turn on my computer.  That I'd be there as soon as I could. Do you know I arrived at work three hours later and no one had any idea that I had been missing?  I had been "in meetings... excruciating meetings I don't even want to go into it."

I'm not proud of it.  Well... maybe I am, a little bit.  I couldn't believe I got away with it.  I guess the old saying is right:


Thursday, June 26, 2014

On My Radar

A random listing of a few things that are on my radar lately...

Diamond Candles
I was never really a big candle person, but I realize now that was only because I was using them in my teensey tinsey shoe box style apartments and the smells were always so nauseating in such a small space.  Since moving into our home I have become a bit obsessed with candles.
Diamond Candles has been my brand of choice because they are like Cracker Jacks for grown ups.  Every candle has a costume jewelry style ring inside.  

To be completely honest - 9 times out of 10 the rings are super tacky... but that's the absolute beauty of the costume jewelry.  It is for  FUN.  They're about the same cost as a Yankee Candle and they are made of soy (hello, renewable resource + biodegradeable-ness) which I also love.  

Pottery Barn
Everything.  Everything from the barn of pottery.  Like a Stag Decanter.  For what? All of the Scotch I don't drink? 
I tried to talk Sequel into buying it as a birthday gift.  But he confirmed that there is absolutely NO NEED for a $119 decanter with a stag head (plus $7 for monogramming, obv).  My argument that it would be lovely at Christmas-time with a little red cotton ball on his nose fell on deaf ears.  

Gone With the Wind
I don't know about you, but I associate different books with different times of the year.  I remember reading Gone With the Wind  for the first time while on the beach in Avalon, NJ during my Junior year of high school spring break.  I will forever associate that book with the beach and, of course, Summer.  It is hard for me to let a summer pass by without diving into the world of Katie Scarlett O'Hara.
One of my favorite lines in the book is said by Grandma Fontaine to young Scarlett, right before the (spoiler alert!) surrender of the Confederacy to the Union.  

I love it.  Sometimes a little bit of fear is healthy, right? 

I like to think so... and with the wedding only 80 days away fear of EVERYTHING is a big part of my life right now! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Making Memories

I have been trolling for home decor.  More specifically, a walk slick for my Mud Room.  

For those of you who are not Philly-native a "Mud Room" is like an ante room - the room before you walk into the house that kind of collects the mud, etc. before you actually go inside.  Our Mud Room is teensey tinsey - about the size of a bathroom, doesn't have heat/air condition... but does have just enough space for a trunk full of "outside" things. My Bean Boots, some bug spray, sunscreen, and Bubbles all live in the trunk.  Because what 28 year old doesn't have bubbles just hanging out in their home?

Anyway.  Trolling  Wall Slick.  Home Decor.  

I found this wall slick that both made me jealous and also made me cringe in tacky.  It reads "Excuse the mess, our children are making memories."  

On the one hand I think... I'd love to put that up in my house.  Excuse the mess, we are making memories,  because you know we aren't children, but are grown adults whose Wednesday night calendar reads "Shake the Strawberry Infused Tequila and Citrus Infused Vodka," and that's it. Once we do that we have accomplished all that we have set out to do today (which, I am sure, some of you think is pretty pathetic... but you're just jealous!).  

On the other hand I think... I have lots of fun memories from growing up and some of my favorites are from when my mother screamed at my siblings and I to clean up our toys - and the three of us cleaned up our toys, while commiserating about how we had the absolute meanest mother in the world. If you can't get your kids to clean up their stuff then you are doing something wrong*.

So anyway, still on the hunt for a wall slick.  Still have a mess of a house.  But do have some Strawberry Infused Tequila and Citrus Infused Vodka coming my way! If it works out I'll post the "recipe" soon.  Ha!

* says the girl with no kids, few responsibilities, and still a mess of a house.
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