Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Randos

When I'm not planning the next home project (cork floors vs. slate floors?) or agonizing over wedding decisions (father daughter first dance song?) or playing with the wedding registry (which coasters will be the most perfect coasters to make our lives together complete) OR just really hating myself that my life has become a series of wedding-related things.... So anyway, when I'm not pre-occupied with all things Idiot Girl Gets Marries I am thinking about the following random things:

Little Miss Dependable and I are planning on running the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2014.  While the training isn't going too well (we really fail at Couch to 5K absolutely all the time) the goal of heading down to Florida in February is high in our minds!

Kingston Maxi
I am a sucker for a good Maxi dress.  I was the kid in 1995 who was always wearing the long maxi skirts and twin sets for formal occasions.... and was so excited that they came back 'en vogue' a few years ago.  My collection of Maxis is kind of out of control.  I absolutely cannot wait to add the Kingston to my closet.  

It kind of reminds me of something Elsa from Frozen would wear in the summer.  That cape.  Amazing.  #IDie Pluuuuuus, it would be a great honeymoon dress.  (and now I'm back on the wedding, which consumes my entire life....

This Is Where I Leave You by: Jonathan Tropper
Our Book Club just finished This Is Where I Leave You and let me tell you it was amazing.  There was a lot of sex in that book.  But let me tell you, the family relationships were so real.  I was amazing.  At times, I felt like Tropper was talking about ME.  Difficulty communicating, having a hard time conveying feelings?  Yes and yes.  Wow.  If you're looking for a good read then I highly recommend picking up this novel!

Quotes | Quotes | Quotes
a.) whenever I go to type the word "quotes" I inevitably type "wuotes" the first time.... I'm just not used to hitting the "q" button, okay?
b.) I'm searching for the perfect saying to paint on my living room wall.  My criteria is pretty loose, I just worry that as soon as I paint it I am going to hate it.  So then I think -- wall vinyl! And then I htink -- that will look tacky.  So I'm torn.  
c.) Options include the following:
        1. "two drifters, off to see the world... there's such a lot of world to see" (moon river)
        2. "where laughter falls like lemon drops somewhere above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me" (somewhere over the rainbow
        3. "he just is      I just am        we just are" (lang leav)
This is something that might be another discussion for another day... because as I type things out I second guess them... and if I can't really commit to listing them on this little blog then can I really commit to painting them on my wall? 

And now I'm back to flooring samples... and house stuff.  C'est la vie.  It's Sunday and I've got plenty of time and enough coffee + Bailey's to power the Super Dome during Beyonce's halftime meltdown! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

"Go To Hell" Clothes

A few of the Little Misses - some fellow Idiot Girls, if you will - were chatting the other night about how different our lives were one, two, three, five years ago.  

We even referenced specific nights that were cataloged on this little blog - those foggy, vodka soaked evenings where our dresses were short and our attention spans were shorter.

The whole conversation made me think... because I recently looked at a pair of shorts from dear Lilly and thought this exact thing: I am too old for shorts like that.

But I know exactly how I would wear them, of course, if I weren't too old.  I'd toss on a short sleeve oxford, with a ruffle, tuck it into that cute little waistband, and put on my high-high-highest heels. 

It's the perfect little kick-around Happy Hour turned into evening out in the summer combo... Center City Sips, anyone?

Sigh.  A moment of silence for my early 20s, over here....

Until I remember:
a.) I'm not dead, yet
b.)  dear Lilly prided herself on her "Go To Hell" style... so why shouldn't I?

The "Go To Hell" style is one of my favorites.  If you're not familiar with it, then this article is for you: Damned Dapper: The Origins of the Go To Hell Look.  

Basically, Go To Hell Style is just that... something loud, crazy, different, wild and yet... somehow classic.  If you don't like it you can, quite simply, go to hell.

Sounds kind of harsh... but, as I said
a.) I'm not dead yet
b.) dear Lilly prided herself on her "Go To Hell" style... so why shouldn't I?

Something is telling me that social norms dictate these little shorty-short-shorts are not for me.  And to those social norms that are battling it out in the back of my crazy brain I have one thing to say: "Go.  To.  Hell."  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rose Gold Loyal

While avoiding home repairs like the plague (how helpful will I be to fix a leak or paint a room, anyway?) I have been cart-shopping like it's my job.  I'm kind of not allowed to shop toooooo much right now.  Instead I've been putting things in the cart and going on my merry way.

One item though, that is absolutely calling my name, is this new Starbucks cup.  Why?  I am not Starbucks loyal - don't get me wrong I love my coffee... but as long as it has caffeine and comes in a to go cup I will go anywhere.  

I am, however Rose Gold Loyal.  Still kicking myself for not purchasing the Rose Gold McKim Sandals Lilly made three summers ago.  I told myself I didn't absolutely neeeeeeeed them.  And I regret it every time I think of a wedding related event that will require sandals.  

I may have mentioned it once or twice or a zillion times.  My engagement ring is Rose Gold.  My wedding band will be Rose Gold.  I absolutely adore it.  

Therefore.... the Rose Gold Stainless Steel Starbucks cup will have to be mine.  

Now, to find it in a store, because I refuse to pay $5 shipping on a mug! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day Dinner

Like many others in the North East, we are snowed in today.  

Sequel and I, along with Little Miss Dependable and the Big Kid Boyfriend are all "working from home."  Which really means we woke up, drank some coffee, the boys are doing something that makes a lot of noise in the basement, I've been planning fake Disney Cruises, and Little Miss Dependable is baking cupcakes.  

Every so often the boys come up from the basement and grab a snack.  

On Sequel's last trip up the stairs he asked what we were having for dinner. 

And I'm thinking... I have absolutely no idea.  
It's a snow day.  
It's noon.  I haven't even figured out what we're doing for breakfast yet.

And snow day means I don't have to do any work, right?  
Cooking = work.  
Cleaning the kitchen = work.  

I checked out GrubHub and Eat24, and apparently no one is delivering since we are in the middle of this state of emergency polar vortext snow crazy.  

From there, I moved on to Pinterest, because Pinterest is the answer to everything.  While searching "Snow Day + meals" I found this little gem... and I think it's exactly what we will be having for dinner.  

Fruit salad.  At the very least, I will be having fruit salad for dinner.  


Monday, February 10, 2014

Idiot Girls Guide To Buying a House (in 10 Easy Steps)

Buying a house in 10 Easy Steps!

Step 1:

Your fiancee will tell you he won't move your junk to three apartments in three years.  Either you are continuing your current lease for one more year OR you are buying a house.

You will insist that you can't possibly buy a house.  It is November and your lease is up in December.  You must have a bigger closet, more space, a bigger kitchen.  And you must have it now.

Repeat various sides of the argument for days.

Someone will throw a hairdryer. It may be you.

Someone will break their hairdryer.  It may be you.

Someone will buy a new hairdryer.  It won't be you.  It will be your fiancee who a.) loves you b.) knows you are crazy and c.) doesn't want to hear you bitch about your terrible hair.

Step 2:
Begin trolling Trulia and Zillow.  Find a house that is just enough out of your price range to make it maybe reasonable.  

Step 3:
Fall in love with said house.  Insist it is the one.  

Step 4: 
Negotiate and barter and cry.  Argue some more.  

Someone will throw a hairdryer.  Again.  It may be you.  Again. 

Step 5:
Avoid packing up your teensey tinsey apartment until the absolutely last minute.  How much stuff could you have, anyway?  

Answer: WHERE THE @()#*$)@(*$)@(#* DID ALL THIS STUFF COME FROM??? I didn't even know we OWNED an ironing board.  

Step 6:
Your fianncee may throw his back out and wind up in the ER.  You will try to convince him to give you some oxycodone as an appetizer for your wine.  He will say no. 

Step 7: 
Allow your family and friends to show up at your house and help you clean and unpack.  

Your mother will swiffer your walls.  Your future mother-in-law will vaccuum the bathtub.  Your sister will put your bottle opener away and you will discover it five days later in the drawer with your Sharpie marker collection.

You will wonder what you did to get so lucky to have so many people helping you get your life in order.

You will also wonder why you have 27 black Sharpie markers.  

You will also wonder where the actual hell your hairdryer is.  Because even though you SAVED so much time by having others help you unpack you have, on the flip side, SPENT so much time searching for the things your family and friends helped you to put away. 

You will be unable to find your hairdryer for days.  

Step 8:
Surprise! Snow Storm!! #IHateWinter #HowManyDaysTilSummer

Lose power for four days.  

A gigantic tree may fall in your backyard, taking out the telephone wire and your storm gutters and narrowly missing your house.  By approximately two inches.  

You will be left shoveling snow while your fiancee is in bed enjoying his oxycodone cloud.  

Snow will fall from the trees onto your head.  

You will still not be able to find your hairdryer anywhere and so will walk around with Snow-Head until you flee your cable and internet-less house for civilization.  Because you know, why would Comcast actually set up the stuff they charged you to set up?  

Step 9:
Attempt to finish unpacking. Give up.  

Discover a leak in the walls on the 2nd floor.  Because why wouldn't the snowstorm cause the walls to leak?

Open one of the zillions of bottles of congratulatory champagne that is actually the only thing in your refrigerator, because who has time to food shop?

Step 10:
Survey the boxes, champagne in coffee mug.  Because even though you are a "grown-up" Idiot Girl who owns a house with more than one bathroom and a garage you can't manage to find the champagne flutes that someone so carefully unpacked for you.  

Realize that even though you can't find your hairdryer (seriously, where the hell IS that thing?) and you can't find your champagne flutes and your house is, to be blunt a shit show, that you're still really, really lucky.  

Play Billy Joel's "You're My Home" on repeat.  And really, really mean it. Not only because you are living with the love of your life, but also because your sister, Little Miss Dependable, is moving in upstairs in just a few short weeks and you love her just as much as your fiancee.  Which isn't weird at all.

Write smug little blog post because you don't want to forget the little pieces that have made you laugh (and cry) so much over the past few days.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On the Hunt for...

Wedding Shoes.  I'm on the hunt for wedding shoes.  

You know, kind of like the wedding shoes I purchased when I put the proverbial cart before the proverbial horse and spent a pretty penny on a lovely pair of glitter and suede kate spade beauties.

I love them.  I do.  And I know I will wear them a bunch.... even though I also know I won't wear them on my wedding day.

I wore them to try on dresses and, to be honest the glitter was a huge pain in the behind.  EVERY fabric got caught on the glitter. I couldn't handle it anymore.  As beautiful as the shoes are they are perfectly impractical with a long dress.  Spoiler alert: My wedding dress is long not short (Is surprised myself with that one).

When I saw the Krysta Heels I fell in love again.  Sparkle AND a bow.  Plus, they came in Rose Gold.  My engagement ring is Rose Gold and my wedding band will be, as well.  I love how it looks and I couldn't wait til the Krysta heels arrived.  


When the shoes arrived I was so disappointed.  They looked like a bowling ball... you know that kind of bowling ball that sparkles and glitters and is kind of pretty.  But it's still a bowling ball?  That was my realization when I opened the box.  The Krysta shoes just look cheap.  

They went immediately back to the store.  I went immediately back to square one and I don't know where to begin (again.  for the third time). 

Here is what I do know:

  • I want a shoe I will wear again.
  • It doesn't have to be white.
  • I don't reallllly have a budget for it.  
  • I like bows.
  • I like closed toe.
  • I like open toe.
Here's what I don't know:
  • What I am actually looking for in a shoe.
Any advice?  How did you (or your bff) pick your (their) wedding shoes? Does it matter?  Am I putting too much emphasis on something that doesn't actually, in the long run, mean anything?

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Joys of Home-Ownership

Last night Sequel and I spent our third night in our new home.  We are (mostly) unpacked.  We are absolutely not decorated.  But things are out - and furniture is kind of arranged.  We have a general idea of where things will go. 

There is just so much to be done, though, that we have started to break our "To Do List" into time frames, because apparently not everything is immediately necessary, as I would think. 

For example:

  • Immediately Necessary
    • take air condition units out of the windows
    • fix the built-in bench in the kitchen
    • curtains for downstairs windows
  • Would Like Done Sooner Rather than Later
    • new light fixtures in the kitchen (ugly city)
    • microwave (there isn't one!)
    • PAINT! the entire house is shades of gold/brown/rust and it is just the worst
  • Within the Year
    • PAINT the exterior - which is also a weird shade of rust/gold
  • 5 Year Plan
    • Pergola in the backyard.  
  • 10 Year Plan
    • Build a fireplace in the living room
We started on the air condition units immediately because, well Polar Vortex.  However, while the units are window units the windows were actually installed around the air condition.  There is no way to take them out.  So it looks tacky.  There's not a draft, but it just isn't pretty.

In addition to the tacky they cause a problem we didn't anticipate.  A problem that necessitated my presence on a ladder, outside, in the rain/snow at 3 a.m.  Holding a flashlight in my mouth.  

We knew we were in for another blast from the Polar Vortex, but didn't know just when it would hit.  I was ready with a snow shovel and some snow boots, prepared to shovel out my sidewalk so my neighbors didn't hate my guts.  Did  I mention that Sequel threw his back out during the move?  The boy is absolutely hopped up on Oxycodone right now he can barely move a muscle. 

I knew snow removal would fall to me, and I was already dreading it.  

At 3 a.m. I was poked awake by Sequel and immediately became aware of a cacophony of sounds coming from the window.  As the snow/rain began to fall it would hit the air condition unit making a sound I didn't think was possible, which echoed through the machine and landed right in our room.  I can sleep through anything, so was prepared to put a pillow over my head and call it a day.

The boy, however, is a light sleeper.  This, compounded with his back problems, made me feel so terrible that I let him convince me to head outside and put a blanket around the unit to muffle the sound.  

I repeat.  Go outside.  At 3 a.m.  In the snow/rain.  And put a blanket.  Around the air conditioner.

I both loved it.  And hated it. And complained about it.  And laughed about it.  It was an absolutely perfect start to our new and beautiful and (I am sure) crazy journey of Home Ownership.  I can't wait for what happens next!

P.S. Say a little prayer for Sequel.  He did a number on his back and I'm nervous that he might need surgery. His trip to the ER has me nervous.  
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